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Our story dates back to 1967 in a tiny little village named Zarko in the heart of Greece. There, my father had his first summer job as a butcher’s driver. Driving up and down his little trike and delivering meat between villages to restaurants and Greek mamas he discovered his love for meat and the Greek cuisine. Soon after, he learned how to cook Greek specialties from mouth-watering Greek lamb to the tastiest frog legs, which was the very first recipe he developed at the age of 7.
After completing his studies in hotel management; his passion for business and the steep recession that Greece was experiencing back then drove him to The Netherlands, where he worked hard as a waiter and at the age of 26 ended up owning three of the most successful restaurants in the country. The menus where exclusively created by him and his mother, the lady that tirelessly cooked for me every single day for twenty years, my YiaYia!  This is the heritage and inspiration that I brought with me to England.
My mission today is to introduce you Greek food as I know it and prove to you that Souvlaki and Gyros are not junk food. This is high quality meat that that we love to marinade, age and slow-cook with passion. In fact, most of us eat it in our homes at least twice a week as a treat. All our vegetables are organic, our pitta is handmade and the meat I have chosen to serve you is travelling directly from Thessaly where I grew up and is supplied exclusively to me. I know my suppliers, I know their families and If I could meet the person that is picking the tomatoes you are eating I would do that too. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Welcome to my world & Kali Oreksi !!!





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