Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

Our key ingredients are imported directly from Greece with the basic purpose to provide our consumers with a first-class authentic experience. They bring the original taste of the Greek cuisine sourced by Greek local suppliers that we are proud to work with. Our sustainable ethics drive us to source all our short shelf-life products by English local farmers. We hold these values at heart and help to keep Britain green. We are on a mission to change consumers’ views on what street-food is by serving the freshest, most delicious and competitively priced food. And if that sounds utopian; that’s what gets us up in the morning.

We are proud to represent Greece by providing to the UK a selection of carefully selected imported products, such as:


Avocrete dip- that’s how you will meet it in our stalls. Due to its warm weather and moist climate; Crete the biggest island of Greece is the best place for avocado production and the base of our source. We use Hass avocados, garlic, lime and Greek virgin olive oil to make this sauce.


Paprika is a Greek spiced sauce that is mainly served as a meat accompaniment. Red Florina pepper, tomato, virgin olive oil and Feta cheese are the recipe of success for our Paprika sauce. A taste of it will convince you.


Probably that’s one of the most famous products of Greece. It’s a cool, fresh and creamy a yogurt-based sauce containing garlic and cucumber. Our recipe is homemade using organic Greek strained yoghurt.


It is a certified traditional Thessalian semi-soft cheese made from goat’s & sheep’s milk. The soft and milky texture makes it a very tasty choice to serve with pitta wraps and boxes. Our Manouri is prepared at a local factory in Falani, Larissa a few kilometers away from our paternal home in Greece. The supplier ships exclusively to us which allows us to offer you this good straight from production to consumption.


This traditional Greek handmade flatbread, soft and puffy consists a source of inspiration for our brand’s name. Served sprinkled with olive oil and oregano makes the perfect nest to base our wraps’ taste.


Greek herbs and spices are the essence of the Greek cuisine. Even the great and widely known Greek salad wouldn’t be so tasty without the aid of oregano. Mount Olympus  is the mountain where our herbs are sourced from and collected by our small family-owned suppliers.


“Shake the hand that feeds you” is our motto and that’s exactly how we think when choosing our meat suppliers. All our meat supplies come from Papageorgiou S.A. a bespoke supplier based in Ampelonas, Greece who we share with the same values and respect to mother nature. All out meat products have been selected with care and after numerous tastings and quality checks we are proud to serve ethical, healthy and tasty meat options of exquisite quality.




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