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Introducing Pittagoras


Introducing Pittagoras, an established joint in Tooting Broadway Market and Hackney Wick (Colour Factory) serving Gyros and Souvlaki the right way. Our Gyros is on the spit and freshly shaved, exactly as you’d have it in Greece! Souvlakis are freshly made using a family recipe: co-founder Ilias comes from Kefalonia (Greek island) and is the 3rd generation of a local-famous family of restaurateurs. His grandfather was the first to bring souvlaki to the island back in 1958, and Pittagoras uses the same recipes they still use in the restaurant on the island!


Ilias and Gianni, the dynamic duo behind Pittagoras, bring their passion for authentic Greek cuisine and commitment to excellence to Tooting Broadway Market and Hackney. Ilias, with his roots deeply embedded in the culinary traditions of Kefalonia, crafts Gyros and Souvlakis with the same love and expertise passed down through generations of his family. His warm demeanor and genuine love for Greek culture create an inviting atmosphere for customers, turning them into loyal fans. Gianni, an experienced entrepreneur with a knack for the restaurant industry, infuses Pittagoras with his expertise in business management and marketing, ensuring that every aspect of the restaurant runs smoothly. Together, they form a harmonious team, united in their dedication to delivering an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates the heart and soul of Greece.

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